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Tia Ramey is an author and businesswoman. Her book
Canceled: Mastering Difficult Conversations in a Modern
World supports leaders by expanding their capacity for honest dialogue. A local entrepreneur, Tia founded her small business in 2012 and collaborates with award-winning talent from coast to coast.

Tia Ramey specializes in working with local outreach initiatives and engaging marginalized populations on social media. In addition, she has advised many successful minorities-owned businesses on their marketing strategies across the State of Ohio.
She spends her spare time as a community educator, holding classes and training that uplift aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs at any age.


An educator at heart, Tia has served as an adjunct instructor at the Columbus College of Art and Design and The Ohio State University in the John Glenn College of Public Affairs for the
MAPS program, where she provides continuing education training to business professionals about social media, digital marketing, and self-branding.

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